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veterinary emergency clinic

By: non-member | December 17, 2013

From my own experience and what I know and have read this clinic is not the safest place for your pets. There are several reasons for this. Refer to some of the vetratingz comments to find out more about people's experiences with the emergency part of this clinic. While you could put in a complaint, they may not be found at fault, for some reason or other, but you would get a copy of your animal's treatment which you should scrutinize since the more you look the more you will find that may be a problem. As for myself, I am appalled at this clinic and their denial of what happened with my pet and their own involvement in it. There are other 24/7 places and it just takes a bit of research to find them, so it would probably be in your best interest and that of your pet's to know where they are, and what the good ones are, in case you ever need them. I suspect that there is a reason why vets in GTA use this place to refer to, but given what has happened to pets at this...


Drd. Clayton Greenway

By: non-member | December 12, 2013

We have gone to this clinic since moving into the area in 1995 and had doubts when Dr. Wood sold this clinic. However, we needed to take our dog Mocha in and had the great pleasure of having Dr. Clayton Greenway take a look at our dog. This vet is probably the best vet we have ever had and I would recommend him to everyone. I was really surprised at the extent of time he took with us to explain the situation to us and he was very very knowledgeable.

West Rouge - we have a younger Dr. Woods back at West Hill Animal Clinic with the name of DR. CLAYTON GREENWAY.

Thanks from Mocha Couffin and family.

Kind, caring and compassionate

By: non-member | October 10, 2013

I took my 17 year old Persian cat there last night to be euthanized. Even though it is a first come first serve clinic they put us into a room they had prepared for Willow. They made sure she belonged to us and that we had her breeders paperwork as she had not previously been to their clinic. The vet explained what they would do in preparing Willow for the needle. they kindly left us alone with her after she was dead and then when a technician came into the room she asked if we needed more time and we said no she could take her away. the technician came around the table and gave me a big hug which was so very kind of her. with our experience I would give them 5 STARS


By: non-member | October 2, 2013

I thought I'd share my ENTIRE experience with this clinic since not all of the reviews are all that thorough, and I disagree with some of them, so. Here's my (very detailed) and honest account of my experience with VETS during the last few days.

I didn't read any reviews when I woke up and my 14 year old cat (who I've had since I was twelve years old) was sick, vomiting and obviously in distress. It was a Sunday morning, I googled which vets were open, and I went immediately. And I'm really glad I didn't have time to read reviews, or I might have gone elsewhere.

My cat (Cleo) has had constipation issues for a long time, and we've taken her to a couple of vets who have given her enemas and sent us on our way.

Dr. Verma gave her a good inspection, and then explained her situation to me thoroughly.

She was extremely dehydrated (not surprising, it's impossible to get her to drink water) and her "little...



By: Feline4 | April 24, 2013

Because I demand the very best in medical treatment for my companion animals, I only take them to Yorkville Animal Hospital.

Dr. Allen Gignac and his team are dedicated to the well-being of those in their care and obviously love the animals. The staff are knowledgeable and patient and always greet you warmly upon arrival - regardless of who is on duty in Reception.

I have been so impressed by Dr. Gignac's veterinary medicine and he NEVER pushes for additional, unnecessary treatments. On occasion, I have suggested a treatment and he has assured me that it was an additional expense that was not required. He cares about the animals - NOT the fees.

In addition, the Clinic runs a terrific cat adoption program which I and a number of friends have taken advantage of. As well, Dr. Gignac's clinic is involved with a program that provides temporary homes for the animals of abused women, as they shelter themselves and their...


Village Gate Animal and Dr. Geoff...

By: non-member | February 11, 2013

Dr. Geoff Toole truly has a heart of gold and is so wonderful for myself and my dog, Sophie.

Sophie was hit by a car last week and we thought we were going to lose her - it was such a traumatic experience.

Dr. Toole is so dedicated to the animals and families he helps. He found the best medication combination to keep Sophie as comfortable as possible, he checked on her multiple times during the day and night, and even offered her homemade food when she wasn't eating. I was encouraged to visit her as often as I could and met other animal parents who were also doing the same.

I truly believe that thanks to Dr. Toole Sophie is resting here beside me. I have never met another vet who is so dedicated to his patients.

Thanks again for your truly exceptional expertise.

Dr. Cumberbatch is excellent!

By: non-member | January 22, 2013

I have had an exceptionally good experience at the John Street Animal Hospital. I found myself the owner of a 2 month old puppy and knew nothing about dogs. Thankful to a friend that referred me to the clinic and Dr. Cumberbatch, I have learned how to properly care for my dog. I was advised on how to successfully potty train, clip nails, brush teeth, provide healthy nourishment and avoid bad habits. My now 1.5 year old dog has been spayed with loving care, yearly shots, frantic last min cheek ups but what I remember the most is the thoughtful follow up calls. I am so happy with the care my dog receives that I drive past the vet hospital across the street to travel 30mins to John Street Animal Hospital. I would refer anyone seeking a clinic that is professional but provides your beloved animals with loving care!

John Street Animal Hospital

2300 John St Unit 6 Thornhill, ON

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Thanks from the Pereira's family

By: juceleiperei | January 4, 2013

My dog Nick , who passed away yesterday was a patient at Mavis Clinic for almost 12 years.
During this time he had an excellent care from Dr Ted and his team. They're always very attentive to his needs during the course of his life. The team is extremely caring , genuinaly interested in the animal's wellbeing and there are no words to describe their professionalism.
I'm very thankful to Dr. Ted and his team for all support before and during Nick's final weeks.
Jucelei Pereira

Mavis Road Animal Clinic

3663 Mavis Rd #1 Mississauga, ON

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Best Vet Clinic

By: non-member | November 5, 2012

I have had three different dogs in the past seventeen years and I have taken every single one to this clinic. The staff is friendly and personable, and always made both my dogs and I feel welcome. Recently, we had to put or Great Dane down. We were given a private room to say our final goodbyes in and our dogs was given the utmost dignity. I highly recommend taking your pets here.

We're So Impressed & Grateful!

By: non-member | November 1, 2012

My pets mean the world to me , so finally finding a vet who we can truly trust and count on and whose priority is the well being of my cats issuch a relief !

Dr. Serge Gotovac came so highly recommended by a friend, it was hard to believe. Each and every review echoed the same high praises . During the first visit, we understood why people value Dr Gotovac so highly.

After bringing our first cat to Rouge Valley Veterinary Hospital, all
our others followed. Dr. Gotovac was wonderful with our cats and took care of all their problems.

I am speaking with the experience of 30 years of cat ownership,

Dr Gotovac and his staff's focus is doing the best for your pet. He is extremely compassionate, dedicated , caring and down to earth. He is conscious that people have budgets, respects that and clearly explains the options for the care of your pet. He also has excellent hours, even open Sunday.

We found the same level...



By: Tar | October 1, 2012

Don't let them fool you; they talk a good talk however the only thing this Clinic is interested in is your MONEY!

I took my cat there for years however in time of need when my cat was sick when I called to make an emergency appt the only thing the receptionist and manager were concerned with was the schedule suggesting I wait until the next day to bring her in. My cat was suffering, now. And after convincing them to squeeze me in they would not waive the emergency fee after having recently spent over $1,000 for care. Yes, they knew how sick she was; I finally went to another clinic for euthanasia.

This is a BUSINESS not a caring animal clinic that it claims to be. At least the other animal clinics in the city do not profess to be more than they are.

East York Animal Clinic has turned out to be a very big disappointment after all of these years. Having a dying cat is difficult enough without having to deal with cold-hearted administrative staff.

I will never go back to this clinic.

East York Animal Clinic

805 O'Connor Drive East York, ON

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Angels sent to protect our furry,...

By: SaraG | September 27, 2012

Baker Animal Clinic in Whitby is ABSOLUTELY the BEST Clinic I have had the pleasure of taking my many pets to.
They are caring, thorough, and by far the most knowledgeable group of professionals around.
I have two dogs and 4 cats. The most recent of my additions, was cat #4, now named Jersey.
Jersey was found behind my shed by one of my dogs. Jersey seemed, at first, to be very pregnant and I assumed that someone had dumped her after finding out that she was expecting. She even had a flea collar on (no good what so ever).
We left her be for a bit, hoping that she would find her way home, but she did not. It was chilly in the evenings, so I set her up in my shed with blankets, food, and a heater, until I was sure she was healthy enough to bring into my home, out of fear for my other animals.
I took Jersey for a check up and was given a grave diagnosis. I took her to a vet clinic, not Baker, purely out of convenience to my home. This is a mistake I will...


Baker Animal Clinic

1627 Dundas St E Whitby, ON

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Thank You for all you do for our...

By: non-member | September 26, 2012

I live in New Market, but I have been coming down to The Animal Clinic for the last 8 years. I would not trust anyone else with my dog and my kitty. They are thorough, honest and truthful. There was a time when I could not afford my dog's treatment and the practice manager allowed me to pay in installments over 6 month. No other clinic would do that.

A loyal client.

The Animal Clinic

106 Mutual Street Toronto, ON

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By: non-member | September 6, 2012

Dr. Terp and his staff are the kind and caring.I have had one male cat and two cats fixed at the problems and a very tiny incision on the female cats.
My senior cat of 19 recently passed away at the clinc with care and compassion.He had been under Dr. Terp's excellent care for chronic kidney disease for a very long time.
I will always take my pets there. Thank you Renforth Veterinarian Clinc!

Renforth Veterinary Clinic

666 Burnhamthorpe Road Etobicoke, ON

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Caring Vet

By: non-member | August 27, 2012

I've been a client of Bowhill for over 10 years. I can't believe Rappaport was rude unless she was spoken to that way by the individual who complained. I've had a disagreement with her and she listened even though she didn't completely agree. Some people get back what they give.

I've found Rappaport to be a competent and caring Vet who often does more than she charges for. That's a nice and reasonably rare extra.

Bowhill Animal Clinic

2820 Victoria Park Ave North York, ON

category: Animal Hospitals & Veterinarians - Place

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