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By: non-member | February 20, 2014

Very good service and friendly staff. Why to drive outside of London to get good priced animal clinic when she is here! Wellington and Baseline. I have 3 cats and I couldn't be happier. I use to take my cats for few different clinics and I had few not so good experiences. Finally I did found a clinic that my cats, me and my husbands credit card is happy.

Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital

555 Wellington Rd S Unit 4C London, ON

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By: non-member | February 14, 2014

I am a little late I apologise for the delay....My husband and I are very happy we were recommended to Dr Lofsky and his Assistant Allan (very friendly) when we were looking for our kittens Milo and Coco to have their neutering and front nails removed...back in November 2013...The EXCELLENT CARE and CONCERN for the little guys they gave to our kittens-keeping them even an extra day included in the quote charged to be sure they were comfortable from pain was a real bonus for us...Our cats heeled perfect (no problems) or concerns...We will stay with Wilmot Vet for the care of our now 9 month old babies...Thank you Dr Lofsky and Allan... This is the place to go if your a concerned owner of your PET(s)... :)

14 years

By: non-member | February 4, 2014

I travel a lot, my dog has seen 6 or 7 diff vets in several cities. My dog was prone to kidney disease and when he was 3 years old I was told by a vet in Vancouver that he would be lucky to live to the age of 5. Dr O'Connor has been largely responsible for the fact that he lived to 14 years. Dr O'Connor is no-nonsense, to the point and lays out the options succinctly.
I have spoken to other Vets in Calgary who tell me that Dr O'Connor is one of the finest vets in Canada and I believe it because I have seen the proof of it.

checku p

By: fredfranky | January 29, 2014

Very happy with Dr. Brar and the Delbrook team who gave our cat a check-up and annual vaccinations. My cat Charlie is terrified of the vet but this is the first place that he has been relatively calm. Will be back again next year. Prices reasonable and service great.

veterinary emergency clinic

By: non-member | December 17, 2013

From my own experience and what I know and have read this clinic is not the safest place for your pets. There are several reasons for this. Refer to some of the vetratingz comments to find out more about people's experiences with the emergency part of this clinic. While you could put in a complaint, they may not be found at fault, for some reason or other, but you would get a copy of your animal's treatment which you should scrutinize since the more you look the more you will find that may be a problem. As for myself, I am appalled at this clinic and their denial of what happened with my pet and their own involvement in it. There are other 24/7 places and it just takes a bit of research to find them, so it would probably be in your best interest and that of your pet's to know where they are, and what the good ones are, in case you ever need them. I suspect that there is a reason why vets in GTA use this place to refer to, but given what has happened to pets at this...


Merry Christmas.....

By: JeffLatimer | December 12, 2013

To all of the wonderful clients who have brought treats in this month for my team. It is a pleasure for me to work with so many people who care so much about what we do. It is even better, working for people who WANT the care that we are able to provide.

WHY we do what we do: Because we care about people, their pets, their families, their relationships, and our relationship with them.

WHAT we do: Involving specialists and technology to provide peace of mind, and alleviate suffering, while creating a memorable experience for our clients by celebrating the bond they have with the pet who gives them unconditional love each day.
Dr. Jeff Latimer

Drd. Clayton Greenway

By: non-member | December 12, 2013

We have gone to this clinic since moving into the area in 1995 and had doubts when Dr. Wood sold this clinic. However, we needed to take our dog Mocha in and had the great pleasure of having Dr. Clayton Greenway take a look at our dog. This vet is probably the best vet we have ever had and I would recommend him to everyone. I was really surprised at the extent of time he took with us to explain the situation to us and he was very very knowledgeable.

West Rouge - we have a younger Dr. Woods back at West Hill Animal Clinic with the name of DR. CLAYTON GREENWAY.

Thanks from Mocha Couffin and family.

West Hill Animal Clinic

5528 Lawrence Avenue East Scarborough, ON

category: Animal Hospitals & Veterinarians - Service providers

Very rude Veterinarian

By: non-member | November 27, 2013

Unfortunately, I had a very negative experience at this animal hospital. I brought my 5 month old puppy in when she had a serious allergic reaction to something. I arrived a couple minutes after close asking them to please help me. All of the staff were very rude to me and didn't seem to be eager to help at all. Eventually someone went to ask the veterinarian, who refused to help my poor little puppy without charging an extra $50 on top of the $78 emergency fee. I was quite unimpressed with his proposal (as I said before I was a couple minutes past closing time) and reacted with an unimpressed "wow", but money aside, my puppy's health was more important at that point, so I decided to go with it. Once I entered the room, the lady I spoke with about the charging fee went back to speak with the veterinarian as we waited in the room for him to come in. A few moments later, the veterinarian stuck his head in the door and said "if you're going to be like...


Excellent care an understanding Vet,...

By: non-member | November 19, 2013

I found Dr. Clark in the early 80's and recommend him highly. Dr. Clark has always shown a lot of compassion,kindness and great medical skill with our pets even with our most difficult and almost feral cat. His staff are well trained as well as thoughtful and kind.

I have always been very happy with...

By: non-member | November 18, 2013

I have been bringing my cats to see Dr.Jennifer Hopper since she took over the clinic and always been treated very well. You can tell that she loves animals and I trust her very much. The other vets here are also very nice but I prefer to see Dr. Hopper. I know that there has been a lot of changes with the staff but that happens with most businesses and the staff that are there now are very nice. A couple of the staff that worked their before were quite rude so I did not mind when they left, although most of them were very sweet. I find the prices to be the same as most of the clinics in town, you can always find cheaper clinics if the most important thing to you is the money, but for me trusting the vet is the most important thing. Believe me, you get what you pay for and I have friends who pay a lot more for their vets and I tell them to call King for a better deal and better service. Recently my Toby was very ill and Dr. Hopper gave me a large discount to help with my bill as she know I could not afford to pay, I am thankful that she cares as much as she does.

Dr. Lam and Staff were amazing and so...

By: non-member | November 8, 2013

Dr. Lam is not the usual vet I was told, but she did an amazing job in keeping contact with us when our cat was staying there overnight due to sickness. Dr. Lam and all the staff were so friendly, caring and compassionate when we brought in our cat, Chow. We ended up having to make the decision to put our fur baby to sleep due to an illness. Dr. Lam wasted no time getting him on an I.V. and getting blood work done. She did everything in her power to help Chow and we could not have been more grateful. The staff were so friendly and kind when you walk into this clinic you feel welcome and not like your in an animal hospital. I commend Dr. Lam and the staff at Blue Cross Animal Hospital for putting their time and effort into making animals lives healthy and happy. Dr. Lam even personally brought my cats collar to me when I was picking up his things and I was given a card that was hand written by the staff and vet. I highly recommend this clinic.

Kind, caring and compassionate

By: non-member | October 10, 2013

I took my 17 year old Persian cat there last night to be euthanized. Even though it is a first come first serve clinic they put us into a room they had prepared for Willow. They made sure she belonged to us and that we had her breeders paperwork as she had not previously been to their clinic. The vet explained what they would do in preparing Willow for the needle. they kindly left us alone with her after she was dead and then when a technician came into the room she asked if we needed more time and we said no she could take her away. the technician came around the table and gave me a big hug which was so very kind of her. with our experience I would give them 5 STARS

Dirty and dated

By: non-member | October 7, 2013

I was not impressed with our visit to this vet with our 3 month old puppy. The Dr. was not compassionate or willing to listen to any concerns I had with having a new puppy. The examination room was like a dimly lit closet, and so dirty I did not want my children to touch a thing. The only positive comment I have is that their services are much cheaper than anywhere else. Needless to say I will not be going back.


By: non-member | October 2, 2013

I thought I'd share my ENTIRE experience with this clinic since not all of the reviews are all that thorough, and I disagree with some of them, so. Here's my (very detailed) and honest account of my experience with VETS during the last few days.

I didn't read any reviews when I woke up and my 14 year old cat (who I've had since I was twelve years old) was sick, vomiting and obviously in distress. It was a Sunday morning, I googled which vets were open, and I went immediately. And I'm really glad I didn't have time to read reviews, or I might have gone elsewhere.

My cat (Cleo) has had constipation issues for a long time, and we've taken her to a couple of vets who have given her enemas and sent us on our way.

Dr. Verma gave her a good inspection, and then explained her situation to me thoroughly.

She was extremely dehydrated (not surprising, it's impossible to get her to drink water) and her "little...


Hard Sell Tactics, Crazy-High Prices

By: non-member | September 25, 2013

They book too many clients and you're always facing a long wait. And one vet in particular is a very "hard sell" in terms of getting you to agree to services and products that you didn't ask for and aren't necessarily needed. For us, it was a very expensive surgery and he was dead-set against us getting a second opinion on whether it was necessary -- if we had to, he said, he'd recommend a second opinion from the guy who would actually be doing/profiting from the surgery. Bizarre.

Have had animals and dealt with vets for 30 years and have never faced such a hard sell as I have faced here.